Intel Celeron B815, B720, 867

Intel has rolled out three new processors that will be adopted by the manufactures for using them in entry level notebooks. These new processors include Celeron B815, B720, and 867. Update – The Intel Celeron 867 benchmark post is up that includes its review and specs.

Intel Celeron B815 B720 867 review

The Intel B815 is a dual core processor that runs at 1.6GHz clock speed and is built in sandy bridge architecture. However, it will be sold with turbo core disabled (exclusive to Core i5 and i7). Being touted as the successor to the B810, the only difference between the two is bus speed of their graphics frequency (1050Mhz in B815, 950MHz in B810) which would not be noticeable to the end user. TDP has not undergone any change and is still 35 watts. It has 2MB cache.

Next is Celeron B720. It is a single core processor and it runs at 1.7GHz clock speed. Compared to B815, it has only 1MB cache. Both hyperthreading and turbo core are disabled. Last is a ULV processor – the Celeron 867. It has a single core ; runs at 1.4GHz clock speed; has 1MB cache and 17 watts TDP.

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