Intel G540, G440, B840, B800

Intel will soon be launching new processors namely G540, G440, B840 and B800. The G-series processors are meant for the desktop PCs. G540 runs at 2.5GHz clock speed and has two cores while the G440 hums at 1.6GHz and is single core. Both of these processors are destined to phase out Intel E3500 and B450, which is being used in many cheap notebooks. B840 and B800 will cater to notebooks. B840 has two cores while the B800 packs only one core.

Update – We have posted Intel B800 review, so make sure to read it.

Intel g540 g440 b840 800 n2800 2600 d2700 celeron 757

The company will also be making the Intel 787 Celeron processor official. For mini notebooks, there will be N2800 (dual core) and N2600 (single core) which will replace Atom N455, and Atom N475.

Intel will also be launching the Atom D2700 and D2500 processors, both of which will be used in HTPCs and nettops. The D2700 is dual core whereas the D2500 is a single core processor.

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