Intel Pentium P6200 Benchmark

Intel P6200 is yet another entry level processor meant to be used in cheap notebooks. P6200 runs at 2.13GHz clock speed. Just like P6100, hyper threading and Turboboost have been disabled. Speed stepping is available to enhance the battery life. TDP of the P6200 is 35 watts and the processor has two cores which can handle 2 threads at a time.

Intel Pentium P6200 Review

Pentium P6200 also supports Thermal Monitoring, Execute Disable Bit and 64 bit instructions. The processor is accompanied by Intel GMA HD graphics that is clocked at 500MHz. However, Turbo boost is actually available to the GPU and thus it can overclock itself to 667MHz when there is a need.


Interestingly, Intel P6200 is even faster than the Core i3 2357M ultra low voltage processor. Read more about Intel P6100 here. (

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