Pentium B960 Benchmark

Intel has introduced a successor to the Intel B950 that we reviewed few months ago. The new processor, being called the B960 is already being used Acer 3750z and HP G6 1213 notebooks. The B950 was 0.1GHz faster than its predecessor, the Intel B940 and same can be said about the B960 which is also 0.1GHz faster than B950.

intel b960 benchmark

Like Intel B950, the B960 also has 2MB L3 cache and is based on Sandy Bridge architecture with the turbo core disabled in Core i3 processors. There are two cores that can handle up to two threads at a time. TDP is 35 watts which is, again, same as B950 and B940. The Intel B960 got 2080 in the Passmark benchmark test.
Intel B820 benchmark

b960 review

The marginal clock improvement may not be felt at all. For example, there was hardly any performance difference between B950 and B940.