Samsung NS310 Review

Netbooks are getting over shadowed by the tablet sales but that does not mean that they are not selling well. Samsung and Asus are still selling plenty of those. NS310 is Samsung’s new notebook that sports the dual core Atom N550 processor and runs Windows 7 Starter 32 bit operating system just like any other mini notebook out there.


Other specs include 250GB hard disk, 1GB DDR3 RAM, webcam, Intel GMA 3150, SD card slot and VGA port. Samsung NS310 features a 10.1 inch display packing 1024 x 600 WSVGA resolution. Folks at notebookitalia got hold of a review unit and they were extremely impressed with it. It is one of the few netbooks that come with a backlit keyboard which will allow its users to type in the dark or dimly lit areas.


The chassis is made from polycarbonate which is solid enough to handle everyday banging. The keyboard on it is chiclet type and as mentioned above, it is backlit.


NS310 comes with 1GB DDR3 RAM. To upgrade the RAM, just unscrew two screws located at the back of the unit and take the factory fitted RAM module out and swap it with a 2GB RAM which is the maximum supported by the unit.


Performance: As mentioned earlier, Samsung NS310 comes with an Atom N550 processor. This processor has two cores unlike Atom N455 which have only one cores. Here is the windows experience index of it:

* Processor: 3.1
* RAM: 4.5
* Video: 3.0
* Gaming Graphics: 3.0
* Hard disk: 5.7


Since it also comes with Broadcom BCM70015 crystal HD chip, it handles full HD like a charm, something that is out of equation if it came with GMA 3150. Clearly, Samsung has done a lot of work to make give its NS310 a definitive edge over other 10.1 inch netbooks in the market by including a Broadcom card and backlit keyboard. That said, we would loved it even more if it had a higher resolutions screen. via notebookitalia [Italian]

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