Sony Vaio VPCEE3S1E/WI

If you live in Germany and low on cash, you might want to check out the Vaio VPCEE3S1E/WI notebook that is being retailed for mere 700 Euros. The notebook is powered by the AMD P340 Phenom II processor and has 4GB RAM (upgradable to 8GB). The processor runs at 2.2 GHz clock speed and has 1MB L2 cache.


Like other recent AMD processors like E2 1800, it comes with an integrated GPU, ATi Radeon HD 4250 that is fully capable of handling 720p video playback and games that are 5-6 years old at medium/high settings. TDP of the processor is 25 watts, which is well below most of the Core i5 processors like 2430m and so on (35 watt). Here is how it fares with Atom D2700 (most powerful netbook CPU), Core i7 2640M and AMD E350 processors.

amd p340 review

If you are looking for something more compact (and more affordable), check out the HP DM1 E450 netbook. It has 11.6 inches display and a very capable AMD E450 processor that handles full 1080p as well.