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Samsung N140 Specs, Review, Unboxing

The Samsung N140 is a sharp mini notebook that offers great Windows 7 performance, great ergonomics and more than 6 hours of battery life. It has excellent keyboard, touchpad and matte colorful screen. However,

AMD E1 1200 Benchmark

E1 1200 is based on the AMD E300 processor and offers slightly better performance as it runs at a slightly higher clock speed. E1 1200 runs at 1.4GHz clock speed and has two cores

Asus F201E Specs, Price

Even though the whole world has stopped selling mini notebooks (popularly known as netbooks), Asus is still busy churning out these amazing little things. This time, however, they have released one with Intel Celeron

Asus ME400C Specs, Price

Asus is working on a new device called ME 400C that is basically tablet with notebook innards. Inside, you will find a 10.1 inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels

HP Mini 110 4250nr Review, Specs

HP Mini 110 4250nr is an excellent mini notebook for anyone that wants an excellent laptop size keyboard in a netbook form factor. It has bigger hard disk than its predecessor Mini 1000 and

HP Envy X2

HP today released a solid contender to the Apple iPad tablet – the Envy X2. This tablet offers amazing battery life and solid performance. It is powered by next generation Intel Atom Clover Trail

Intel Celeron 847 Benchmark

The Celeron 847 processor was launched few months ago and it first made its appearance on the Dell V131 notebook. Based on Sandy Bridge platform, this Intel processor runs at 1.1GHz clock speed. Like

AMD E2 1800 Benchmark

Back in October 2011 was the first time we mentioned about the Brazos 2.0 CPUs, the AMD E1 1200 and E2 1800. Most of the notebook models that were earlier being offered with AMD

Core i5 3210M review

The Intel Core i5 3210M is a dual core processor that is based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. It has full hyper threading support and can handle up to 8 threads at the same

HP DM1z AMD E1 1200, E2 1800

HP is now offering its Pavilion DM1z mini notebook with the new AMD Brazos 2.0 processors. HP’s website is now offering the basic model that comes with AMD E1 1200 processor for just 400