Toshiba Z935

Toshiba is now offering a successor to its first ultrabook notebook,the Portege Z835. The successor is called the Z935 and it now features the new Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 Ivy bridge processors. Other than that, you will not notice any other changes. In fact, Toshiba kept the classy looks of its processor, but it did not passed the value of not changing the chassis to the end user by increasing the price by 100 dollars.

Toshiba Z935 specs

The casing is made from light but very durable magnesium alloy. This Toshiba notebook now starts at 900 dollars, up from 800 dollars compared to the old model, back when Sandy Bridge processor were Intel’s flagship processors.  That said, the notebook is still impressively thin, boasting a 0.63 inches profile and weighing just 2.5 pounds.

Keep in mind that Toshiba is also offering the R631 ultrabook too, other than Z935 and Z835 notebooks.