EaseUs ToDo Home Backup tool review

EaseUs ToDo home backup tool is a reliable backup and recovery tool that allows the users to easily backup their entire system and restore them to original state in case a disaster happens. The new version allows you to create a WinPE bootable media without installing AIK / WAIK and it is now fully compatible with the new UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) as well.

You can make various kinds of backups with the easeus todo backup home tool. For instance backup of entire system can be made by pressing just a couple of buttons. Same goes for file backups that lets you save only a particular group of files or folders. This is useful when you do not want, let us say, a heavy media file to be part of backup. However our favorite backup feature is the incremental backup feature that backs up only the changes made since last time.

Other nifty features included in this tool is the ability to clone hard drive windows 7 which is useful if you want to easily migrate to a new storage media. Many of us are upgrading to SSD these days and using this cloning feature will allow you to easily migrate your OS and data without reinstalling anything at all.

Using the app is very simple – simply download it from the official website and click on the type of backup you wish to make. It is compatible with almost all windows releases including Windows XP that was released way back in 2001. The user interface is very easy and intuitive to use. It comes with wizards that guide you to perform backup & recovery step by step.

Recovery process is also very important. There is no point in making backups if the tool you are using cannot recover the data. The ToDo backup tool features pre OS recovery environment that lets you perform recovery from boot menu. This is incredibly useful if your system simply refuses to boot. That said we recommend making emergency disks that let you create Win PE based bootable media that are very useful in such emergency system restore cases.

This ToDo tool comes with USB 3.0 support allowing you to do backups and restores quicker than the aging USB 2.0 standard. It works well with NAS and DAS products too.

Verdict – The EaseUs ToDo home backup tool is a must have tool for a Windows computer and your PC is incomplete without it.