How to change photo background

Do you want to know how to change background of a picture? This is something a lot of people like to do if you want to change spontaneous snapshots. There are many reasons why one would want to change the background, for instance in case of unwanted details that would have ruined the whole look of the photo. Changing background can be daunting for non computer experts as it requires one to make the background transparent first and then replacing it with a background of your choice.

Movavi Photo Editor for Win

After making the background transparent, you will be able to make stylish promo photos on the white background. So which is the easiest way to change photo background? While there are many ways to do, the one we recommend is by using Movavi Photo Editor. It is available for download for both windows and macintosh computers and it takes only a few seconds to install it.

Mac users will get the setup in form of DMG file which one can simply drag and drop to the applications icon to complete the installation. Windows users get EXE file which consists of easy to follow installer. You will be able to get it installed within couple of minutes. Fire up the application by double clicking on it.

Now start the launcher and click on Browse for images button and choose the picture to upload. It is also possible to drag and drop your photo into the working area of the application. Feel free to add more than one image at once to save time.

We will go to the Background Removal tab and choose the Foreground Brush that has green color marking all the objects in foreground, that is the objects that we want to keep. Now select red background brush and select the ones that you want to remove. Marked objects are shown with yellow outline. It is now time to remove the background and we will be doing that by clicking on “Set new background” to swap it with something else.

To swap the background, select Image File and choose any picture you wish to choose. Now click on Apply button to make the effect permanent. Discard any changes by clicking on undo. You can also go back to the original condition by clicking on Revert to Original.

It is now time to save the updated photo and you can do that by clicking on the Export button which will save the file on your computer’s hard disk.