How to recover deleted text messages, contacts from Android, Samsung

In certain cases, data on flash disc, hard ware and other kinds of devices can be unreadable partition due to damage to the partition table or file system, or because of intermittent media errors. In the majority of these cases, deleted data can be recovered from the partition at least originally by repairing the damaged table.

For example, Samsung mobile phone, based on Android system, users can adopt the professional recovery software such as Coolmuster Android data recovery to restore the last data including deleted text messages and contacts. The program can be performed by people without guidance of the IT engineers in operation processing without requirements for expertise IT professional knowledge. The downloading and installation procedure are surely easy for green hands users to operate quickly and smoothly. As the relatively simple methods and tools, the program can be access to every part of partitions for appropriate intervention so as to get back precious information.


One of the advantages of this program highlights on its excellent compatibilities, which indicates on different operational system including windows and vista. It does not need to install software on mobile phone. There are a few mobile codes which can be listed on the program’s interface for users to choose before the recovery function is started up. Different with other software, Coolmuster Android data recovery support almost all kinds of mobile phone system such as Android, it can recover deleted text message, contacts, photos and videos from Android phone, including Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Sony and more other Android devices. This articles tells how to retrieve deleted contacts from Android phone.

The computer can automatically match with the mobile code when uses connect the same mobile to the software installed computer. For the very first time that Coolmuster Android data recovery is just installing on the users’ computer, the mobile code need to be ticked according to the menu list by dropdown the scroll.

coolmuster 2

The mobile code is usually saved as the text messages in your mobile files. If users have no idea of the mobile code, they can search it from “settings”, and then go for “my mobile”. After click the mobile code, the windows of ‘connecting’ will be appeared at once. Once the connections are established successfully, the information from mobile can be selected by users from the program interface. Android Data Recovery is a professional and user-friendly program which can restore data simply with a few clicks. Most file types are supported, including contacts, messages, WhatsApp, pictures, videos, audios and other documents. Also, it can be applied to most phones and tablets based on Android OS, For Samsung Lost contacts: recover deleted contacts on Samsung Galaxy.

First of all, the deleted files such as text messages and contacts should be scanned immediately. The types of the scanning can be choosing manually or in machine default mode. As there are usually too much deleted folders in mobile memory, for example, recycling bin folders if no cleaning for long time, to scan selected files is the best way for users to try. And then the specific data can be checked entirely. Another short cut way to obtain the best result from quick scan is to select the specific partitions which the deleted data are located. It as well can help users save much time.