Tips for buying a new laptop

The markets are brimming with amazing computers now and the gaming laptops have come of age. These laptops have shown an incredible increase in popularity as more and more gamers want portable rigs. At the same time, there are people who yearn for 10 hours plus battery life from their laptops without much compromise in terms of performance.


Gamers are considered as a very demanding group of people and one thing that they hate the most is waiting for something to load. Gamers know their computers inside out. On the other hand, a businessman might prefer enterprise features like better security instead of glowing lights (think Alienware). laptop technology changes after every couple of years and if you are a gamer, you should invest in a laptop that can easily be upgraded in future. Here are keys points to look for in a laptop.

1) Graphics: If you are a gamer, you need to have the fastest, greatest and latest that is in the market. Games have got very demanding lately and require powerful dedicated graphics card to handle gaming engine and shaders. On the other hand, if you just view flash content and watch movies, an integrated Intel GPU would be good enough for you.

2) Processor: You ought to get the best processor out there. Gamers must go with something like Core i7 2657M or atleast Core i7 2630QM. If you have the money to burn, we would recommend Intel Core i7 2920XM. For a businessman, even a Pentium P6200 or an AMD E350 or E340 will do.

3) HDD or SSD: If you are a gamer, get a big laptop and check if it is possible to install two HDD in it. We prefer going for hybrid configuration where you install the OS on an SSD (solid state drive) and rest of the data on the hard disk.

4) RAM: Again, if you are a gamer, get largest amount you can. RAM determines how much graphics can be handled by your laptop computer and thus it is recommend to get the largest possible amount – 8GB or more. If you just a casual user, which includes student and businessmen, even 2GB will suffice. However, we will recommend atleast a laptop with 4GB RAM to start with. While some sites like wikipedia would not take up much RAM when loaded, sites like Youtube, hulu or partypoker do consume significant amount of RAM.