Print out SMS Messages from HTC Mobile Phone with MobiKin Assistant for Android

Nowadays, information security increasingly important, and sometimes it is not only concerned about our privacy, but also relates to commercial competition and work, as well as our property safe. So the rise of mobile phone tools is undoubtedly a revolutionary change, if we want to print out the text messages from HTC phone, just at home, or office and any place, we can print off HTC phone text messages quickly through use android phone assistant. There are so many android assistant on the market. Faced with a variety of choices, how to choose some professional tools to help us print out SMS from HTC phone?


MobiKin Assistant for Android is a very popular tool to print off messages quickly. Program design using intelligent operation, so you can easily to operate it, whether you are elderly or children, you can easily print the message from android HTC phone, just a click brings you want, simple interface design allows you to clearly find the SMS messages you need. What’s more, if you want to backup contacts from HTC android phone to computer or Mac, it is also very easily to sync and save phone number to your pc. MobiKin Assistant for Android is divided into two versions, MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows version) and MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac version), so whether you are a Windows user or Mac user, you can use it. As a popular android assistant, it includes the following advantages.


1. Intelligent Operation by One Click.

Many android users always lost some important data by mistake. Many of people feel too much trouble, so there is no backup. If we develop a good habit to back them up, we can avoid this problem. However, some simple steps can save a lot of trouble. MobiKin Assistant for Android enables data backup via a click.

2. Manager Apps without Limitation.

You can transfer and edit SMS & contacts freely. A lot of similar software are not edit the data on the computer directly, or because of cross-platform limitations, you can only transfer some of the data to the designated platform. MobiKin Assistant for Android is able to handle large amounts of data one time, whether on the Mac platform, or on the Windows platform.

3. High compatibility.

Compatibility is extremely important for the software, in general, the higher the compatibility, the higher the technical requirements of the product. MobiKin Assistant for Android using the latest technology, through a number of artificial intelligence testing, it can support more than 200 + android phones.


Prepare a part of your mobile phone tool when you need to print out SMS from android phones, or to back up data to a computer, you no longer have any problem, which can easily complete the backup and sync SMS & contacts from android phone to pc. What’s more, you do not have to worry about the phone’s memory is not enough, which you can transfer and save them from your android phone to computer just by one click.