Best Touch Screen Laptops: Top laptops with touchscreen

The satisfying tactility of a touch screen laptop or ultrabook is something we’ve been waiting for since their earliest incarnations in sci-fi films and television shows. The technology has now been a commercially-available reality for a few years, allowing all the major tech companies – and a few start-up up-starts – to develop their own version. Here, we’re taking a look at the very best touch screen ultrabook and laptops that are not made by Apple, mind – on the market this year.

best touchscreen laptops

HP TouchSmart TM2-1070US

With a near-10 hour battery life and unrivalled versatility, the TM2 allows you to touch, draw and type with both the traditional keyboard setup and as a tablet. Even as a notebook its slim yet powerful, but it really delights when you give it the desired twist and hey presto – it’s a tablet. Compact and gutsy, the TM2 does everything easier, faster and smarter. Plus it’s a lot of fun.

Microsoft Surface 4

Microsoft Surface is the best ultrabook with touchscreen feature. The best part about it is the fact it is made by Microsoft which is the number one software company in world. It has whopping 4k ultra HD resolution and this makes this ultrabook laptop extremely sharp. It makes use of most powerful ULV i7 processor that is backed by 16 gigabytes of memory and 512GB of solid state storage. This makes this laptop very fast, much faster than any laptop out there.

VERSUS Touchpad 7

For those on a tight budget, this is the machine for you. Clocking in at a hundred quid from most retailers, this small tablet is great for people after a bit of touch-screen action who use a regular laptop for most of their work and don’t need the latest iPad. Android 4.0 technology, with a 7 inch LCD touch-screen and ARM Cortex A8 processor built, the T7 also comes with Adobe Flash 11 pre-installed. It’s perfect for browsing youtube and watching movies while on the move.

BlackBerry PlayBook

16 GB of professional-grade tablet, the PlayBook from BlackBerry will transform the way you work and play by combining all the features you need with a portable design, without compromising on speed and power. Multi-tasking to rival Apple’s iPad, and superb multimedia playback sits alongside first-rate security features and sleek touch action. It’s less than half an inch thick, and weighs less than a pound – not bad for a machine that supports all the fingers on your hand moving around the screen like crazy. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone to give you realtime access to your email etc. The specs: a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 32GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, quality GPS, dual HD webcams – and all incredibly user friendly. Little wonder that this is currently Currys best-selling touch screen laptop.