Tutorial on how to create a split screen video

Split screen videos are gaining a lot of popularity these days as it enables you to split your video into two or more separate views. If you see the screenshot shown below, you can see a skier coming down from a mountain. The split screen effect adds so much more depth and realism to the video.



So if you want to make similar videos you should know how to make a spilt screen video. Creating a split screen video is a daunting task for newbies but if you have a software like Movavi Video Editor, making such videos is a breeze.

create a split screen video

The Movavi Video Editor is available only for the Windows operating system and it not only allows you to create a professional looking split-screen video but also offers excellent video editing tools like filters, background music and export of video. Before you begin, you must download and install the Movavi Video Editor application on your computer. The setup is a standard windows exe file that comes with installation wizard to ease the setup process for newbies.

After installation the Movavi Video Editor will start automatically. To create a split screen video you must add media files. You can also add videos from your DVD drive. Do that by clicking on the button that says Add DVD. Movavi offers professional footage from VideoBlocks that can be used in making the video fancier.

Drag those videos on to the Timeline that has four default tracks. Tap and hold on the video and drag it to the Timeline area. Then go the Effects panel and click on the Transform. To add split screen effect, type Split in the search field. Myriad effects will be displayed on the screen that can be used to split your videos in many ways.

You can add a maximum of four videos for the split screen effect. You can align video half horizontally, half vertically, thirds vertically and four quarters. To create the perfect split screen effect, add four videos to the timeline.

Your just-created split screen video will have soundtracks of all the clips you added earlier. Fortunately you can easily solve this problem by adjusting or muting the volume by making use of Volume slider. It is also possible to mute the audio of all videos and play a custom music track instead.
You can export the movie by clicking on “Save Movie” button where you will get the option to select from myriad formats. You can also choose to save it as 3D movie. If you are planning to view it on a mobile device, then choose Save to Mobile Device. You can also burn it to a DVD to view on a media player. There is also an option to Upload it to video streaming websites like YouTube. Choose one and wait for few minutes for the encoding process to complete. After completion, the video will open and play automatically. If you want to turn off auto-opening of video, you can do it by going into preferences.