What to Know about Notebook Recycling Program

A lot of us want to help the environment and would like to make some extra money for the notebooks and gadgets that we do not use. We purchase new laptops and accessories on a regular basis and stop using the ones that are not required after few years. When you recycle a laptop you are not only making some money but also helping the environment.

Notebook Recycling Program

Many say that computer manufactures save more than ninety percent of energy when they use recycled aluminum for making notebooks. It does not even matter if your machine is broken as companies who do disposal of notebook computers will still pay you good money for the valuable parts inside. Some companies will even cover the shipping costs for you.

So how does this process works? Well first you visit a site that buys used computers and they get a quote online so you know how much money you get online after you send them your notebook. The company permanently deletes all the data stored on your hard disk drive and checks the innards of it. After that they send you a cheque or pay by PayPal.

Big companies like Apple have their own recycling program.  The Apple recycling program allows you get a gift card for the value of your old device. So if you have a Mac, iPad or iPhone that you are not using anymore, you can get an Apple store gift card that can be used to buy anything from their retail or online store.

Apple also offers users to recycle their old Mac batteries for free. All you have to do is bring their old battery to an Apple retail store and they will recycle them for free.

Other than laptops you can also recycle mobile phones for cash and environment purpose.